A Trip To The Heart.



"She’s got total mastery over those pipes, and is able to inject soulful blues feelings, classic pop runs, and emotional closeness into her songs like nobody’s business."

~ Middle Tennessee Music, www.midtnmusic.com 

"I want to create feel-good, inspirational & serotonin-raising musical experiences. Under the MiRVA umbrella, I strive to make music that is good for the soul with a positive approach aimed to inspire and spread happiness in our world. As an artist, I want to practice awareness when it comes to the energies and feelings I spread. Our thoughts and feelings are very powerful; they help create our own reality and, in turn, our future. Without a doubt, we attract whet we ARE."

Sweden born Singer and Songwriter Mirva, a.k.a Madelaine Vallin, has garnered a great deal of praise through the years for her sensitive style and fresh sound. After winning an award for “Best Vocalist In Western Sweden” in the late 90's, she created history with her debut release “We're Here Now” by becoming the first artist ever to release an eco-friendly album in Sweden (2006).

Her song “One” is the first official single off the new EP by the same name. Infused with rich harmonies and bold arrangements, “One” is an upbeat, uplifting pop song with a feel-good vibe about unity and the need for solidarity in the world to create a sustainable future for all. During the latest Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMA's), “One” landed her in 4th place in the Pop Category out of over 5000 participants.

“One” was recently the official song for Save The Children Australia's “Mums Helping Mums” Campaign. The music video for “One” was recorded on the streets of Sydney and is a “guerilla-style” inspired peace video that has received a great deal of publicity from Peace Organisations all around the world.


Mirva's new EP was recorded in her new hometown of Sydney, Australia, the EP was produced together with ARIA award- winning producer Braddon Williams (The Script, Beyonce, Il Divo, Kelly Clarkson) and has been described with words like “soul-soothing”,  “immaculate adult-orientated pop” and “hooks to die for”. 


Mirva is also a “Goodwill Ambassador” for “Global March For Peace And Unity”, an International Organisation that arranges Peace Walks in more than 55+ countries on International Peace Day. She has also written a book with the aim to help people find peace within themselves, the book is called “The Art of Soulful Living” and can be ordered through Mirva's website.



Please visit the store to listen, and to download the new EP "One".  






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